Rewarding our Tenants for Going Green

Rewarding our Tenants for Going Green

Pinedale Properties is continuing to grow its green initiatives, and with the recent installation of hydro metres for all building suites we are well on our way to fulfilling our Going Green Portfolio. Soon all residents will pay their share of hydro according to their monthly consumptions activities. In the interim as we prepare to make this transition, Pinedale Properties initiated a friendly competition in April whereby the apartment with the lowest hydro consumption was recognized for energy savings.

We had three winners, one for each category of suites (1, 2 and 3 bedrooms) in our residential community. Congratulations to the following winners of our first ever Going Green competition who were each recognized with a $500 discount applied to their rental account for June’s rent:

Ria Edward Ferguson (1 bedroom suite)
Christeena Ramprasad (2 bedroom)
Vilma Todd (3 bedroom)

As part of our constant search for energy saving initiatives and programs across our commercial and residential developments, we are proud of the success of this program and happy to announce that at our 1855 Jane Street community the number of high-energy consumers (classified as over 1000 kwh/month) was down by 67% after the first month of the program’s initiation.

As Pinedale continues to embrace a variety of green-minded measures and activities to minimize our environmental impact, here are some key energy conserving tips for our tenants to keep in mind:

  • Turn lights and appliances off when not in use
  • Ensure large energy consuming appliances such as televisions and computers are using power-saving cords
  • Avoid using additional heating equipment and contact building management if the unit feels overly cold to conduct a temperature reading

Thank you for supporting the Green Initiative! We’re looking forward to hosting our next energy saving competition later this year.

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