Revitalizations at Crescent Town

Revitalizations at Crescent Town

Pinedale Properties recently undertook one of the largest LED lighting garage retrofits to date in the city of Toronto with its pioneer project in more effective green initiatives. We hope to use this as a template for our future retrofit projects throughout our commercial and residential properties.

The project was completed at the Crescent Town property, located at Victoria and the Danforth, encompassing three rental apartment buildings and a large commercial market. Crescent Town has an extremely low impact on the surrounding environments as the buildings are heated via electricity, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint than the vast majority of comparable properties.

As we thought this would be a fitting site for our first retrofit, the initiative was completed in a very large 4 level garage in excess of 500,000 square feet. The retrofit project participates through Toronto Hydro & Ontario Power Authority’s Save on Energy Program and achieved a 2/3 reduction in energy usage (from 1,000,000 to 300,000- saved 600,000 kwh per year, on average). We’re pleased with the success of the project and feel that a brighter and safer parking environment has been created for our tenants.

Part of our Renewals of Crescent Town also included a complete modernization and rejuvenation of the lobby with a white and grey modern theme. The walls and floors were refinished with marble and porcelain, and new furniture, lighting and art installations were brought in. The intercom system for improved tenant access was also replaced, as well as the cameras for improved security, the mailroom and a new dedicated HVAC system. Our tenants have been enjoying these new upgrades and the bright new space that has brought a renewed sense of pride to their homes.

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