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With more than 50 years of successful operations in real estate development and property management, Pinedale Properties has established itself as a leader in the Toronto community. Pinedale’s broad range of residential and commercial properties across the Greater Toronto Area, and active engagement in real estate development, management, construction, and investment, have contributed to its’ strong standing and high regard in the industry. Our real estate investments extend to participation in numerous ventures, encompassing high-rise condominium development, land acquisition and a portfolio of private and actively managed funds.

As owners and managers of residential and commercial properties from office to retail and industrial, we focus on prime locations in amenity-rich neighbourhoods served by efficient transit, retail and public services. Our comprehensive selection of rental apartments serve the needs of our diverse urban renter clientele, and our commercial portfolio offers a world of choice, quality and value to a broad range of long-term tenants, including banks, small businesses and large multi-national companies.



Pinedale Properties is a hands-on, third generation private family run corporation with a long-term vision to continually improve the quality of our real estate offerings and enhance the level of service to all our clients.

We have a legacy of knowledge, expertise and management over all operations translating into long-term stability and value for our clients. Customer satisfaction is a cornerstone of our corporate philosophy, and we are continually raising the bar in providing the highest standards of service. As a progressive, forward-thinking organization we actively seek promising investment opportunities with potential for growth and value.



Pinedale Properties is an active partner in a number of real estate financing and lending ventures ranging from development construction loans to first and second mortgages on single-family homes. Additionally, as part of our ongoing investment management activities, Pinedale is constantly evaluating and assessing new opportunities for growth and partnership.


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Pinedale Properties Ltd.
970 Lawrence Ave. West, Suite 303
Toronto, ON M6A 3B6

Phone: 416.256.2900

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